20160822_113128This fall my husband and I were hiking a trail which went thru a boys summer camp. The camp was unoccupied and quiet. Kids were back in school, counselors and cooks were at new jobs.

As we were walking the trail I noticed this river crossing to my left. I walked over to look at the sign on the top beam, which read, “T.E. CROSSING” as you can see in the photo.

We knew a little about this camp but not enough to figure out what the abbreviation stood for nor where the path led.  In my little brain I started to create possibilities as to what the sign meant  T.E….let’s see…Tough Emotions, Tacos Everywhere, Tempter Eve, Troubled Eddy.  This is what I do. I make up meanings to things which are unknown or I ‘fill in the blanks’ to figure it out.  I find myself doing this when circumstances are difficult, relationships are damaged, or my way of life has been threatened. What I WANT TO DO IS: wait with trust, watch with hope and love/serve others despite the unknown. Wish me luck!!!

Questions to Consider:

  • What do you usually do when you come upon an unknown?
  • What do you WANT TO DO differently?
  • How will you start that new practice?
  • Who can you invite to help you along your way?