When 2022 arrived, did you find yourself hanging on or hanging off?

Often when a new year begins we think of all the mistakes, missed opportunities and disappointments we had the previous year. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up even when the promise of change is literally the ‘next day’. There is nothing ‘magical’ in the turn of a calendar page from 12/31 to 1/1, unless we use it as a new start. There are lessons to learn from every ‘mistake’, but the beauty of life is…. we get to start again. Consider stop hanging onto the ‘what didn’t happen’…instead take a risk and starting hanging off. What could that look like, you ask? Reaching beyond your current ‘edges’.

Just like the photo above, hanging off the edge can be a risk. What would a risk look like for you 2022? Consider taking a workshop on healthy communication skills to improve your relationships? Look for a new job, start a fitness program, with an accountability partner, read more, discover additional creative outlets, etc. Start small, build on success, celebrate!

Life in 2022 will hold more promise, because you made it happen…stop hanging onstart hanging off to embrace your potential.


  • What has been easy for you to ‘hold onto’, even if it hurts you?
  • What is the ‘price you are paying’ for holding on, when you KNOW it’s time to take a risk?
  • Who can you partner with to start a small change?
  • How will you select an area to change? Who can help you?
  • Celebrate every little step…New Years Day, 2023 will demonstrate your moxie!

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