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“I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE…to the flag of the United Sates of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I must have said this ‘PLEDGE’ hundreds, if not thousands of times. And even as a kid, I meant it. I loved the USA, still do. Those of us who are American citizens have a the best country in the world, despite it’s current challenges. But there was something else….’going on for me’ every time I said it, which I just recently became aware of.

Coming from a divorced family during that time period, I was different, because a majority of kids were from intact families, I wasn’t. I assumed my friends and school mates had a security and stability having come from an intact family system. Maybe that’s what it was…just an assumption.

As I watch attitudes and images of lawlessness growing in the USA, I have been grieving for my country; I am unsure if it will ever heal from the divisions depicted…. I hope and pray it does. But what I discovered about myself, is as a kid of divorce…. even though I knew I was loved by my family, I looked to my country, the United Sates of America, as my source of security and stability. Grieving the assaults’ I’ve witnessed the last 4 months, I no longer look to my country for my security and stability, I look to the God of the Bible.

I have looked to the God of the Bible for forgiveness of my broken relationship with Him, for intentionally being self-centered and for hurting others. I have had a restored relationship with my God since I was about 16, but I had never looked to my God for stability and security, as I do now.

I still love…. the good ole’ USA, but now I have chosen to ‘pledge my allegiance..’ to my God first, and my country second. May they never be in conflict, but if they ever are…my God is and will be my total source of security and stability. How about you?


  • Who/what gives you a sense of stability? Security?
  • Have you knowingly ever ‘pledged’ your self to something? Someone?
  • Who or what has been unable to provide the security and stability you have needed?
  • May I invite you to consider the God of the Bible…as a source of eternal security and stability.

One thought on “ALLEGIANCE

  1. On our way to Oklahoma we saw the American flag displayed everywhere in a proud manner for political reasons- reminded me of our freedoms in our beliefs, worship and great country – so proud to be an American!


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