May 2020 013I snapped this photo at a retreat center about a month ago. I decided to take a half day retreat, close to our house but away from the distractions of home and responsibilities. My goal was…REST.  When I pulled up to the building and parked, the ‘hammock’ was the perfect ‘word picture’ of  what I was there for!

So often my ‘to do’ list is packed with projects and people that I forget to rest. I forget to take time to relax, ‘smell the flowers’, watch the birds, journal or take a casual walk.

So often my ‘self reliance’ is amped up, that I forget to ask…then trust… in my God to go before me to ‘pave the way’ or ‘open the doors’ to the things HE SAYS are important in my life. I instead.. ‘set a course of action’…only to back pedal when it doesn’t turn out as I thought.

I was tired that day…tired in my head and tired in my heart.  REST was restorative….CHOOSE it for yourself…soon!


  • When was the last time you RESTED?
  • What did you do, which helped restore your ‘inside’ self?
  • How can you become intentional to build REST into your week? your month?
  • Who can you encourage to REST before they…crash and burn?

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