Bench 2Last Thursday, March 19th, our neighborhood received close to 8-10 inches of snow.  It was 42 degrees (warm for us), so it melted almost as quickly as it came down. Larry and I were enjoying a wonderful hike when we came across this bench under a HUGE spreading fir tree. It was the ONLY area on the 4 mile hike, which had no snow accumulation, as the branches were so thick from years of growth, it sheltered the bench below from the elements!

Later that day, I had to google..’SHELTER IN PLACE’…it was a statement I read on my internet news feed. I had no idea what it meant, until I read the definition and examples from the world’s current fight against the C-19 virus.  I immediately recalled this photo I had snapped earlier in the day, as it spoke to me…even then… of shelter in a storm, protection, provision and rest.  It reminded me of how my God does all that for me, through His Holy Spirit inside of me.  I have shelter, protection, provision and a restful perspective as I watch what happens ‘out there’, protected from unknown elements…. I’m SHELTERED IN PLACE by my God.  How about you?


  • What has brought you a sense of quiet and rest these past 6 weeks?  How well is it working for you, today?
  • Who has provided a sense of shelter? Provision and Protection….despite bare shelves?
  • How have you provided for others? Who is needing tangible ‘shelter’ from you?
  • Join me on this bench, under His shelter..there’s a seat for you.

6 thoughts on “SHELTER IN PLACE

  1. Love it when The Holy Spirit connects things for us to send us a message. This was excellent & very helpful! We just sent a Star Wars gift & card to a little 9 year old boy in our church whose plans to go to Galaxy’s Edge for his birthday were cancelled. Then we had a pizza party & played games with my neice for her 9th birthday as her Chucky Cheese Party was cancelled. Trying to uplift others.


  2. The ability you have to place your wise words so delicately in text is a joy for me to read & meditate on. Thank you. Angie

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