20200214_080935I love to grow things.  Even as a kid I asked the landlords where my Mom rented apartments, if I could put seeds in the ground and take care of them thru the summer.  As a young wife in the early 70’s, house plants were REALLY big (almost as big as leisure suits…LOL). One time I counted I had over 65 houseplants AND then, having my first home as an adult, I started planting bulbs, seeds, cuttings outside.

This photo is of a narcissus bulb I started in January, 2020.  As gifts to friends, family and neighbors, I started bulbs before Thanksgiving and gave them as Christmas presents.  I saved this one for me, but it seemed I failed as gardener, as everyone else’s grew and bloomed, but mine did NOTHING.  I was ready to throw it in my compost pile, when I picked it up and saw there were…indeed…roots forming out of the ‘dead-looking’ bulb.  I thought…’what a metaphor for my life, at times’… when I think something is dead…it could be alive…but just slower than MY PLANS for it.

As a part of my personal retreat time, I had blocked off Friday morning from 9am-12pm…to connect with my God and reflect on these first 6 weeks of 2020.  After seeing the roots of my bulb beneath the soil, I decided to journal about my ‘roots’….as a human….emotionally, spiritually, culturally, relationally.  My journaling is writing (talking) on paper and listening deep inside, to the whispers from my God…then journaling again.  My time…looking at the roots of my faith…proved to be life-giving. It was there all the time…just a little slow in growing!

Questions To Consider…

  • What do you know about your roots? Culturally, spiritually, relationally?
  • Where are they ‘planted’….in truth or in lies?
  • Have you too, experienced growth slower than you wanted?
  • Are you willing to set aside time (a half day or even a half hour) to reflect on your life? Where you are growing…or… where you might need to ‘pull up’ stakes?

5 thoughts on “ROOTS

  1. Oh Susan, your observations are spot on. As you saw yesterday morning, my sweet gift from you also did nothing other than send up shoots…no bloom, but I see it as a reminder to be patient. The lovely long green growth remind me to be grateful for each small bit of growth in nature and in myself. I will journal my reflections on the questions you ask, knowing fully that sometimes our plan varies from that of Spirit/God/the Universe, but the plan is still there!

    Only Love,

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  2. Really good article. I like it, bc it points out timing … that things can take awhile … and because it points out the need to be intentional & plan time to look at yourself & identify areas you would like to grow in. Plus, I learned that you like planting & have a green thumb! Thank you for this. Janet


  3. Oh, Susan, this was so divinely inspired both visually and with your words. They took ‘root’ it my heart and will in others as well!!!

    I love you, sister! Keep at it as you have a great gift to share!


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