20191127_112112The snowstorm from almost 2 weeks ago left 2-3 feet of snow in our neighborhood. Larry and I went snowshoeing for about 2 hours, the next day….what a work out! Along the path (made by 2 hunters in front of us, looking for elk) I captured this perfect ‘sun thru the trees’ snapshot. Despite the tough trail conditions, it was glorious!

I thought about ‘filtered’ light…when do I need it? AND….when do I need ‘direct’ light? I concluded I need filtered light when the suns rays would blind me…driving at sunrise/sunset with the vivid Colorado sun possibly hampering my journey. But I want bright, ‘direct’ light when I’m looking for my lost keys or money I dropped in my car the night before. The brighter…the better!

I realized I often want ‘direct light’ to guide my next steps in life, as well. More often than I’d care to admit…I’ve taken impulsive steps with only ‘filtered’ light. I didn’t ‘see’ down the road well and the costs I’d have to pay.  ‘Direct’ light and TIME has helped me to reduce impulsive, life-changing choices.  Both types of light are valuable…which lights will you use in 2020?  QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER…

  • When has ‘filtered’ light served you well?
  • How has ‘direct’ light been the ‘flood’-light you needed?
  • 2020 is around the corner….who can help you select the best ‘light’ needed to start and end the year with peace?


5 thoughts on “FILTERED LIGHT

  1. I just used a light filtering setting on one of the pictures I took that had way too much sun. I love modern technology! Isn’t it wonderful that our God created light and he is the Light of the World too!

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