Canon 5-2013 012

Big Horn Sheep are elusive creatures. Rarely seen alone, they travel in herds when grazing along Highway 34 between Loveland, Colorado and in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I captured a photo of a herd of them….. way too close to the road, in my opinion but content to graze while I snapped photos from a safe distance. As you see, the grass is Spring green, meaning they are not in the rut, where they head butt one another for dominance among the males and the ‘right’ to ‘romance the ladies’ for the control of the herd. You’d have to wait until mid September,  to see them spare with one another.

From this photo, you’ll also notice there are several mature males which have full curl horns; others are not as mature…and have only a partial curl and others are teen agers…stickie-up horns, with no curl…yet.  It got me to thinking about the males in my life….mature males, maturing males and teenagers…although not represented in this photo…. I have some youngins too…how about you?


  • Without naming names, describe a group of males you are connected to. What do you like about them? Why?
  • What age of males do you enjoy the most? Why?
  • If you had the opportunity, what would you like to say, to a group of inter-generational males about life…yours?…….theirs?
  • Consider taking the opportunity to share your heart with them…if it comes along.

2 thoughts on “DA’ GUYS

  1. Such good reminders of the importance of males in our lives, their role and purpose….the holidays are such great times to watch the little guys look up to their fathers. I miss my father. He always finished our phone conversations with, “keep lookin’ up”! I noticed the hands of my brother today…just like my father. He had great role models. It helps serve as a reminder to me about my own life and witness to others.

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