8-19-2012-125Have you ever had someone intentionally follow you? I photographed this baby mountain goat just a few steps away from his/her mom last summer. It got me to thinking what do I look for in someone else, in order to ‘follow’ them? Perhaps they have acquired enough ‘clout’ to warrant following…money, fame, prestige, power?  Something which attracts me to look at what they have…and determine I want… what they have.  When I have followed this prescription for a ‘better life’…I have failed. Some behaviors and thought processes can be duplicated, but we must factor in who we are (or aren’t) into the equation…failing to do this often produces different, if not disastrous results.

But…perhaps there are ways to emulate healthy leaders which are not as self-centered as the ways I’ve tried.  Learning who I am, believing my life can change for the good, if I take small, accountable steps, practice new behaviors, prayer, centering myself in solitude and silence, listening, receiving practical feedback from others, serving people less fortunate, watching where my God is already at work for good in this world…could be healthy ways to follow others…what do you think?


  • Where ever you are today….who did you follow?
  • Are you generally satisfied or dissatisfied?
  • If you are dissatisfied, what will you do to change a portion of your life? Who can help you take a turn in a different direction?
  • Who is following you?

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