20190219_094433Traveling west on Devils Gulch Road to Estes Park is beautiful most everyday. Last Tuesday, I was on my way to work and snapped this photo of the Continental Divide coming out of a heavy cloud bank to meet the morning sun. The word ‘BREAKTHROUGH’, popped into my mind and so the photo was named.

What is a BREAKTHROUGH?Webster defines it as: ‘an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle’. I started thinking of BREAKTHROUGHS I have had in my life….relationally, physically, emotionally, financially, educationally and spiritually. In several examples, I too seemed to come ‘out of a cloud bank’ to ‘see’ something for the first time…or ‘see’ something…. FINALLY!

Most recently, my biggest BREAKTHROUGH centers around my desire (deeply hidden, of course until now) for human attention, applause and significance. I believed I was ‘farther along’ on my journey of freedom from wanting earthy significance…only to read and meditate on a devotional reading titled, ‘self-importance’. BUSTED…AGAIN! After acknowledging it to myself, confessing it to my God, I felt freer and less self-deceptive. It was a BREAKTHROUGH for me….what about you?

Questions to Consider….

  • What BREAKTHROUGHS have you experienced in your recent past?
  • How did they feel?  What did they accomplish in your life journey?
  • Where might your next BREAKTHROUGH be?
  • Who will you share it with, when it happens?

2 thoughts on “BREAKTHROUGH

  1. Susan, I’m always so moved by what leads you to write something profound. I’m in your boat with pleasing the world, but the major turning point for me in a ‘GOTCHA” was forgiveness of others who had wounded me….I mean to truly forgive and open the door to communication yet keeping safe boundaries. I’ve learned both healthy boundaries as well as having ‘anchors’ from you with those experiences in life that challenge us when walking into ‘unsafe zones’. But I have learned God gives us wise people to breathe life into us with words of wisdom to be God-honoring each and every day.

    God bless you, sister!


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