20181212_070036                             The sunrise over Crosier Mountain was beautiful today…..

A new _____________ is dawning for you.  I left the topic blank so you can fill it in.    A New Day?, Month? Year? Relationship? Beginning? Ending? Decision? Focus? Plan? Purpose? A NEW YOU?

New Years Day holds so much promise. I used to set new (really, recycled) resolutions on specifics for my life. If you’re like me….most of them fell by the wayside too quickly. Old habits died hard!  Yet hope springs eternal…I’ll try again next January 1st! Like there is something magical about January 1st. LOL

But maybe there is…2018 is over ( for better or for worse), we can get enough distance from last year to evaluate where we were and where we want to be…eventually.  I have used accountability partners in my past to ‘check in with’ once a month. New habits take intention and partnership.  I have also been an accountability partner for others as a Life Coach…helping people get from here… to there… and there….and there! One small step at a time!   What a joy to partner with others for a better life.          Questions to Consider…..

  • What do you want new this year?  Really?
  • Who can walk alongside of you to increase your success?
  • When will you start?
  • Who is in your circle of relationships that wants this kind of support from you?
  • Consider inviting them into a new ____________!  Share this blog with them!

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