Re blogged today; originally from 2017


20170203_115507Snowshoeing last winter near Mills Lake was beautiful. As we traveled west into the mountains the sun slipped under a cloud and I snapped this shot of the sunlight streaming through a cloud. Light is essential to our path, whether it is through the snow or through the ups and downs of life. Too many times in my life, I have selected pathways without enough light to see where I was going.

This is the 3rd Sunday of Advent, 2018. God wanted to bring His light into the world through the person of Jesus.  I am thankful because I have better light in my life now than ever. My light comes from spending time with my God and allowing His Spirit to guide me, as I take pathways deeper into a wilderness called ‘my future’.        Questions to Consider…

  • How do you make life changing choices?
  • Who helps…

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