20181024_112615 (1)Although a bit difficult to see, this little Ponderosa Pine is barely hanging onto the soil surrounding it. Time will tell if it is anchored well enough to survive. The same is true for us humans.  How well we are anchored is key to our survival.

As a counselor and life coach, I have encouraged clients to find themselves an “anchor” when they are facing a tough situation. By definition, an anchor is something which keeps us ‘grounded’ when the storms of life hit, and we all know they will!

Recently, a dear friend told me they were going to be seeing several family members at a family event. It had been years since they saw these people and past interactions had ended poorly.  They reported feeling some anxiety, unsure how or what to say. I encouraged them to find an ‘anchor’ to hold onto if needed.   In this case it could have been a scripture verse tucked into a shoe, purse or pocket or it could have been an items of clothing or jewelry they could touch to remind their mind of their truth…they were not alone….God was with them! My friend identified an item and/or a scripture verse for each of the events they would see their estranged family members. They reported the weekend went better than expected!

Any of us can use this concept when facing a tough situation. The chosen ‘anchor’ has no power of its own, (obviously) but it can remind our minds of our truth* when we touch it, we are not alone.

Questions to Consider…..

  • Who or what is your spiritual anchor in tough times?
  • How could you use this technique, when you need to remind your mind of a truth?
  • Who needs to know about this ‘anchor’ idea? Share as you are able!


* Other ‘anchor’ truths: ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’, ‘I have value and worth no matter what others say’, ‘I am loveable as I am’, ‘I am not alone, God is ALWAYS with me’,

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