20181010_111147With our first measurable snow this past week, we went for a glorious walk on a trail in the forest near our home. Quiet, fresh-falling snow made for a beautiful journey. I have always loved looking at the weight of snow on the pine branches;  I couldn’t get enough photos of them!

As I walked the word ‘bough’ popped into my mind. Certainly I saw evidence all around me of pine branches, heavy with snow bowing beneath their weight. I thought ‘bough’ or ‘bow’.

As I hiked along the trail, I wondered who or what have I ‘bowed down to’ over my almost 70 years on earth? I certainly have bowed down to the ‘gods’ of my ancestors: independence, self-reliance, materialism, authority, to name just a few.  I have also bowed down to the ‘gods’ of my own making: beauty, money, fame, pleasure.  My conclusion is…. most of my bowing down to the ‘gods’ of my making has NOT serve me well.

I met the God of the Bible when I was 18 years old but it has taken me many years to ‘bow down’ to His authority, in the life He has given me. Thankfully,  He has never given up on me, for which I am forever grateful. His never-ending, overwhelming love for me is worth ‘bowing’ down to. How about you….

Questions to Consider….

  • Who/what have been your ‘gods’ in life?
  • Have those ‘gods’ been good for you?  Bad for you?
  • Have you ever heard about the God of the Bible’s love for you? Maybe it’s time to hear about that love… let me know, I’ll walk on that ‘trail’ with you till you find it.

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