This is Deer Mountain, located in Rocky Mountain National Park. The aspens are in full color this week, soon to be replaced with flurries this weekend! But for today… their golden hues light up the hillside as they mix with the deep green pines. Beautiful! Change comes slowly it seems and then at times…all of a sudden. Whether its nature, work responsibilities, family dynamics, the economy, health issues…change is bound to happen…sooner or later.

I consider myself a ‘recovering perfectionist’…somedays I have more recovery than others. but my goal (foolishly) is to keep the ‘good things’ in my life from NOT changing, while praying for the ‘not so good things’ to change, as of yesterday! This (seemingly to my little brain) keeps me in charge of not feeling grief or loss. The downside of all of this mental/emotional gymnastics is…to not experience growth which ALWAYS comes with change. God forgive my lack of trust.

Questions to Consider:

  • How do you attempt to manage change? Around you or in you?
  • How successful/unsuccessful have you been?
  • Who can help you along your journey as you live life and embrace change?


  1. Hi Susan,

    One of my tea bags has a little saying on it that I like – it sort of applies to what you’re saying: “Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished.” As I watch summer change into fall, I’ve been thinking of this a lot, especially as I’m tempted to hurry things up in my life.

    Love, Fran


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  2. Hi Susan. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your post. I always love your insights and how you give me great questions to ponder. Thank you for stretching me! I am a lot like you when it comes to change: keep the good and pray to quickly change the bad! I bet most of us are that way if we are honest. Really appreciate your blog every time. This is a good one!

    Remember that you two always have a room waiting in Florida! If the winter gets too cold or two long, please come on down and see us We miss you!

    Much love to you and Larry. Terri


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