IMG_4585Today is the last Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve is tomorrow! My granddaughter, Sarah took this photo outside at Glassworks, where she works in Estes Park, CO  She caught the SHINE of the sun on the clouds, behind the ridge which is across from her store. PERFECT!

When the Baby Jesus of Advent grew up to become first a carpenter and then a Rabbi, he told his followers to “let their light shine”, that is…let peace, joy, love, goodness and kindness flow from them into a lost and broken world, into lost and broken people.  On this last day of Advent, I want to let my light shine now and into 2019. How about you?  Questions to Consider….

  • Who in your past allowed their light to shine and you could ‘see’ it?
  • How did it positively impact you?
  • What is your source of SHINE?
  • Where do you ‘shine’ yourself into others?
  • What needs to happen to let more of your light…. SHINE?

2 thoughts on “SHINE

  1. As always, terrific insights and great questions. Thank you, Susan!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

    Terri and Stan

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