20170926_074124Longs Peak in Estes Park, Colorado is a stunning sight at any time of the year. This photo I took on my way to work this September…the clouds mid-level and fresh snow from the night before made the picture multi-dimensional…I had to look and look and look!!!

What do you notice and then take another look at? Beauty, family, friends, nature? Living in Colorado for 5 years I have not yet gotten tired of looking at the beauty all around me, especially the mountains…anytime of the year!

Today, December 9, 2018 is the second Sunday of Advent. Historical reports dating back some 2000+ years report three Magi/astrologers from the Far East were looking and then following a VERY bright star, which they believed herald the birth of a great King. They watched, traveled (no GPS back then) and followed the light of a star which would eventually lead them to Bethlehem, a small town in the Galilee region of now Israel.  Questions to consider…

  • What/who are you looking for these days?
  • Who are you looking to for attention, care, encouragement, direction, wisdom?
  • Have you ‘looked’ for something from the God of the Bible? Please consider it…
  • Will you keep looking until you find it?

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