20170513_160323This phone booth sits just outside the steps of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Larry and I had the privilege to travel there in May of 2017, as well as to Ireland and Britain.  Sadly, many of these relics sit in storage areas around the U.K. due to the decline of pay phones and the rise of cell phones.  No one was waiting in line to make a call, as cell phones grace almost every purse, pocket and backpack.  Still it was a thrilling ‘antique’ to see!

December 2, 2018 marks the first Sunday of Advent, the time leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent could be considered a type of waiting as well. Not waiting in line but waiting… and watching as the Three Wise men did hundreds of years ago for an event which changed mankind’s destiny.

Today, families often ‘wait’ and ‘watch’ for Christmas through Advent Calendars.   Advent Calendars help ‘count down’ the days till Christmas, raising the level of anticipation and excitement, with the biggest gift being the birth of a redeemer…. Jesus, Himself.  Today, allow Advent to ‘call you’ to a focused time with God and His love for you, in Jesus. Questions to consider…

  • Who is waiting for a Christmas call from you? A long lost friend or family member?
  • Will you use this month of Advent to listen to a call to your heart from God by reading in a bible?
  • Who do you know that needs to answer a call from God in their lives? Pray this Christmas season they will answer that call and know the Prince of Peace.



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