TreeThe ‘eye’ of this aspen tree is watching you…and me.  The ‘eyes’ are created when there is an injury to the bark, usually if a limb comes off earlier in the trees life.   In todays world of intel watching us from traffic lights webcams and internet hackers, I find ‘being watched’…. uncomfortable.  Yet something good can come from being watched…healthy employers watch and train their newest hire to congratulate and correct them to be all they can be, kids watch parents to learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and families delight in watching a first dance recital or soccer game of their little guy or gal.  Questions to Consider…

  • Who is watching you? What would you WANT them to notice about you?
  • If they were watching you, what could they ‘see’ which might embarrass you?
  • Who are YOU watching? Why?

One thought on “WHO’S WATCHING YOU?

  1. Watching can be uncomfortable if the behavior is something I know others would disapprove of. But watching can be helpful if there is something I want to learn or improve upon. These days, I am passionate about becoming the man that God has designed me to be, and, at 77, this is entirely different than when I was 27 or 47 or even 67. The opportunities are different and life is deciding more and more what I can do and learn. At 77, I am learning what it means to rest and become less critical. So I publish on Facebook and listen to the feedback I get from friends.


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