Busted and Rusted

20170205_131020.jpgThis old truck has been left behind on property close to our cabin. Not the nicest sight from our deck but as I took a closer look, this old guy still has lots of character. Busted fender, grill and wheel well to mention just a few mishaps.  It has lost a lot of it’s paint resulting in that rusted-out look. Definitely not in its prime as it had been many years ago. I can’t help but wonder about it’s previous owners, if it was used in local ranching or carried children to school, who are now seniors! It could be restored (inside and out) and be useful once again! This old truck is something like people we know…broken by life’s hardships and left alone to quietly rust away.  But restoration is possible!  It would take some work but those of us who know someone broken and living ‘out there ‘ can help ‘restore’ their hope, dignity, respect and their sense of worth. BEING God’s ambassadors of love in tangible ways, can add to a human life which has been left to rust away. Questions to Consider…

  • Who do you know that fits this description? How can you add value to their life?
  • What are you willing to do to care for your community’s ‘lost ones’?
  • We will all be here sometime… a bit busted up, old and unable to get our ‘engines going’….how will prepare your loved ones to help you when your time comes?

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