20170116_095702When snowshoeing last week we came upon this set of signs giving hikers various options along the trail. In the summer these signs are 4 feet off the ground, easily observed by passers by.  Today they are almost covered up by the massive snow fall amounts this January.   I wonder how often I miss ‘signs’ around me as I travel on this journey called life.  And I wonder how I can be more assured I am on the right path.

One guide I use is knowing my core values and being intentional in evaluating how they are incorporated in my daily life. Such values as honesty, transparency, sensitivity, serving others, beauty, encouragement are just a few values I build into my world.

My other guide is reading and heeding the life of Jesus and how He lived out His core values: grace, patience, truth, faith, love, sacrifice, forgiveness are just a few core values He lived His life with.

Signs are very important when on a journey, paying attention to them can save your life! Knowing and living out your core values is also important, so you are able to live life with fewer regrets. Learning and living out the life Jesus described can bring freedom.         Begin where you are…. Questions to Consider….

  • What signs have you ignored in your life which led you down a difficult path? Have you ‘learned your lesson’?
  • Do you know your core values? If not, what will you do to discover and orient your life with them?
  • Have you read an account of the way Jesus lived His life when on earth? If so, are you following Him? If you haven’t read about His life, when and how will you become more familiar with His ways?

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