Several of us were snowshoeing a week or so ago on a SUPER windy day. We traveled to Emerald Lake and back in RMNP. I stopped and caught this photo of my snowshoeing buddies, Nancy and Suzanne with Hallett’20161223_113526s Peak in the background as we were walking  ON the FROZEN WATER of Dream Lake.  These two gals are great women but… they don’t walk on water unless its frozen! I know of one person who has walked on water (unfrozen) and He was with His buddies too.

Some of us ‘walk on eggshells’…that is we live or work with someone who has either explosive anger or passive aggressive sarcasm. One never knows what they will have to deal with when they go to work or when they come home. A tough way to do life.

Or have you ever ‘walked on the wild side’? I didn’t walk on the wild side as might be categorized in todays culture. But I did ‘walk on the wild side’ for me in my culture 40 years ago. I blew up my life in many ways which hurt me and scores of others. Also a tough way to do life.

Others of us might, ‘walk on by’ a homeless person, a person with a street sign which reads, “mom with 3 kids and no job”, or another uncomfortable situation describing significant needs. I tend NOT to give financially in these situation knowing people are deceptive, but I do give financially to organizations which I have checked out and believe are credible rescue-mission type places.

Then there are some of us who ‘walk alongside’ as Larry mentioned. Usually it’s a mentoring relationship but it could also be a spontaneous opportunity that crosses our life path to serve someone else.

Some ‘walks’ in life are fun, some challenging, some descructive.  No one does it perfect and…no one ‘walks on water’, unless its frozen!!!

Questions to consider….

  • How have you ‘walked..’ in your past? Currently?
  • Do you need to change how/where/who you are ‘walking’ with in 2017?



  1. When I saw a homeless person…I used to believe they had done something to land themselves there whether it was drugs, gambling, or ___. I have since learned it can happen to anyone. It can happen to those that love love God, love others, and serve others. It can happen to any of us. I have learned not to judge harshly…because while some are deceptive…sometimes too much life happens, circumstances beyond control take someone under, and it is not due to ____. I do not know what tomorrow holds…but I know the one who holds tomorrow.


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