We met this mountain goat this summer on our way down from hiking Grays and Torrey’s peaks with our grandgirl, Sarah. He was watching us but was not aggressive even though we were 3 feet away as he was munching  grass close to the trail. I guess we didn’t ‘get his goat’ and I’m thankful.

‘Getting someone’s goat’ means we have done something which has made someone angry OR someone has done something to US and we feel angry. When working with a client who wants to reduce or eliminate their anger I ask them about their sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, shame, or disappointment, because for most of us, anger really covers up one (or more) of these uncomfortable emotions. Someone cuts me off in traffic, under my anger is fear that I might not be able to stop soon enough. Someone talks about me behind my back, I feel hurt that I trusted them with my inner self.

Questions to Consider…

  • What ‘gets your goat’? What are your primary emotions under the anger?
  • Who has ‘gotten your goat’ this month? What’s going on for you under the anger?
  • How has anger hurt you? When will you get the help you need for a healthier life?


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