20160912_110023These lodge pole pine trees seem to stretch to the heavens. We encountered a stand of them earlier this fall on a hike. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I tend to look down a lot when hiking to prevent tripping or sliding on gravel. But looking up…straight up…is a vastly different perspective.

So often in my life I need a different perspective. It is easier for me to view the glass half empty versus half full.   I am learning to focus on the half full portions in life. I am able to be more successful in this perspective change as  practice gratitude.

Gratitude forces me to FOCUS ON what I am thankful life partner, adult children, grandchildren, friends, extended loved ones, healthcare, nature, my spiritual journey, grace,  my 5 senses, beauty, my home, enough food and clean water…really when it comes to gratitude…’THE SKY’S THE LIMIT’!

Questions To Consider….

  • What is your tendency in life… to ‘look down’ or ‘look up’?
  • How could gratitude help your perspective in your life?
  • What are you thankful for in life TODAY?
  • Who needs to hear your ‘gratitude’ about their presence in your world?




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