20160606_10270220160606_102702.jpgAt times hiking has it’s dangers. Exposed tree roots, low hanging branches, tiny granite pebbles to slide on, etc. The placement of a next step is important. When hiking both up and down hill I find myself looking down a lot.  I have to stop and look up at the beauty I just passed by!

Every day life ‘off the trail’ can be similar. Relationship disappointments, financial challenges, missed opportunities, worries, fears, anger…can trip us up. We may need to ‘stop, look up and listen’ to a still small voice inside which says,”no matter what, you are not alone” or “you have what it takes, try it again” or “get someone’s help to reduce…trip ups… your life”.

As a life coach, I walk alongside  others wanting help on their pathway of life. Who do you know that could use my help?

Questions to Consider……

  • What in life has ‘tripped you up’? (Could be more than just one thing)
  • Who/what has helped you along your way?
  • How are you better equipped to help others who’s lives are ‘tripped up’?


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