Autumn is a beautiful time across the United States but especially in the mountains of Colorado.  The aspens turn a deep gold and against the green of the pines and the blue sky…it is stunning!

When the aspen leaves fall, they cover the ground and the wind can create a ‘yellow leaf road’ in small depressions in the soil. Like Dorothy and her pals, we too are searching for ways to ‘get home’… wherever ‘home’ is.

Home for me could be Chicago where I was born and lived 40+ years or home could be other towns in Illinois where I left behind dear friends and family to move to Colorado… or home could be where my husband and I live now, building a next chapter of life in the west. An old Southern Gospel song croons,”this ain’t my home, I’m just passin’ through”. Maybe the craft plaques and  pillows are right…”Home is where your Heart is”.  I have several homes on earth but I (too) am just passin’ through.

Questions to Consider

  • What constitutes ‘home’ for you?
  • How will you recognize it when you arrive?
  • Who have you met along your way and how have they helped you find ‘home’?



  1. My home is certainly where I can find purpose for my life and build relationships which can impact the Kingdom. Wonderful questions which stimulate a deeper understanding of “home”.


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