20160717_162754NO, I am DONE following you!

For almost 20 months, to get in and out of our neighborhood on Monday through Saturday, we had to follow a pilot car through road construction. The road belonged to the construction company and if we missed the pilot car, we had to wait an hour!   The new road is beautiful, well done and well worth waiting for…till the next 500 year flood hits in 25 years!


Now…. we can come and go as we please, much like life in these United States. No one directing MY road to progress! Yet we all are following something/someone. A star, a hunch, a parent’s internal voice, a mentor. Some questions to consider…

  • Who are you following? How are they doing?
  • Where are they leading you to?
  • Can you ‘fire them’ and change directions if necessary?
  • Looking for help or direction? As a Life Coach, I’m here to help YOU find YOUR direction!



2 thoughts on “FOLLOW ME

  1. Good stuff, Susan!! I love the way you are able to use the “things” in our lives to make wonderful applications. Thanks for challenging me and others. You rock!

    Still hoping to see you in Florida this winter!


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    1. I am happy you are finding time and energy to do this writing. It is challenging and encouraging to me to know that what I follow can be changed even at my age when I see how destructive it can be. Thank you.

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