My mom had African Violets sitting on our window sills while I was growing up. They were small enough to fit in the area without touching the shades when pulled down for the night. Over the years I have had a few violets and enjoyed their pastel flowers when they bloomed twice a year. They like my mom’s, were small and I could fit 5 or 6 in a wooden box in my kitchen, near a window. When relocating to Colorado and after being settled in our home, I decided to add color and texture to my bedroom dresser so I picked up a purple one and set it near the window. I couldn’t believe it as it grew and grew, spreading it’s leaves and getting at one time 7 clusters of tiny purple and white flowers. It even had a ‘baby’ growing along of the parent, which over time I separated and gave to my daughter. I have thought about what  made this plant grow so well compared to violets I have lived with in my past. I concluded it has PERFECT LIGHT!  Consider these questions….

*what/who gives you ‘light’ to grow?

*what needs to happen to get more ‘light’ in your life?

*Jesus said He was the ‘light of the world’. How could his presence in your life help you grow?


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