today 013 This is a rock outcropping in the Estes Valley, specifically in Black Canyon named appropriately, the TWIN OWLS.  I see it several times a day as I drive back and forth from our home to work, church, the grocery store, etc.  Once you ‘see it’  you can’t miss it, even if you haven’t been to Estes for years.

The ‘owls’ are ‘perched’ right next to each other, a strong image as they stand out from the rest of the rock formations along this ridge. To me, they seem to ‘guard’ the valley from troubling ‘pests’ just as real owls do for farmers, ranchers, homeowners, etc. Consider these questions….

  • If you had a set of ‘twin owls’ perched in your backyard, what ‘pests in your life’ would they help you with? (Think attitude, unresolved issue with someone, etc.)
  • How did those things get to ‘be’ pests? What part did you play in ‘allowing’ them in your life, if any?
  • The TWIN OWLS work together, who could you partner with to eliminate ‘pests’ in your own ‘backyard’?
  • Do you really WANT to eliminate ‘pests’ in your life or do want to keep them as ‘pets’?
  • Blessings……

One thought on “TWIN OWLS

  1. This is excellent. I would add one more question since I have had to ask myself the same question; “Do you really want to get rid of your pest?”


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