Estes 2014 016.jpg Forest fires happen naturally in our national parks, usually a result of lightening strikes. They also happen as a result of human error… an unattended campfire, the careless toss of a cigarette butt or an intentional act of self-centeredness. The result: the landscape is altered for years…blackened trees and bushes, wildlife pushed to a new habitats. Ugly and quiet…a lack of life.

How about us?  We are often ‘burned’ by people, sometimes by organizations managed by people and policies which can be very self-centered. We can be left ‘lifeless’ and scarred by self-centered people. How can we begin again?

In the forests and meadows the first plants to return are the grasses. Small patches of green re-emerge despite the blackened landscape. Bugs and birds return to replenish the soil and it’s seeds. Life begins again, slowly…very slowly.  How about you and me? Consider these questions….

  • What/who has burned you in your past…beyond recognition?
  • How are you recovering? Who is helping you?
  • Have you ever ‘burned’ someone? Is there anyone you need to make amends to?

Begin again and cultivate life….. happy growing,  Susan

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