Some of you may have heard the Biblical account of a friend of Jesus’ who lived in a tiny town outside of Jerusalem with his 2 sisters, Mary and Martha. When Lazarus was dead for several days, Jesus called his spirit back to life, before a large crowd of mourners (read John 11). I don’t believe anyone on earth today has the power to call something which was dead (really dead) back into life as Jesus did that day…. but here is a great account of what seemed to be dead…but rose to life!!!

Last fall friends of ours were driving to Florida and tried to miss hitting a hawk which was swooping down almost to street level in their lane of traffic. They hit the hawk and felt VERY SAD but had no where to go on the busy highway to avoid missing it. When they pulled off the highway about 30 minutes later to catch a cup of coffee, someone asked them if they knew they had a dead hawk stuck in the grill of their car. Hurrying back they saw the hawk they hit mangled in their grill. As they were standing there, the hawk fell out of their grill and plopped on the asphalt in front of their car. As they were attempting to find the local number of the Dept. of Natural Resources the hawk hopped up and flew off. AMAZING…

So here’s something to think about:

  • what seems ‘dead’ in your life that really might be alive just ‘hit’ with a few tough circumstances, that if given additional time to regroup might just ‘take off’. A relationship? A New Years Eve resolution? A business venture? A career change?
  • have you considered asking for God’s power to go before you, making a way when there seems no way?
  • maybe that ‘dead thing’ could rise again, with God’s help and surprise all the bystanders in your life!

Blessings, Susan


3 thoughts on “Lazarus

  1. And you are amazing. A gifted question asker. I have been asking God’s help in my prayer life and through others and reading, God has helped me increase in my faith and gratitude.


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