Miracle Grow

Have you ever ‘forced a bulb’? Forced spring bulbs like crocus, daffodils and tulips bring color, scent and beauty to many of us living in colder climates come January and February. Living in the Rocky Mountains you better be ‘OK’ with winter, as we have it here for about 7 months of the year! Hence forced bulbs! I decided to purchase a few bulbs in November and give them away as Christmas gifts to the women where I work. We could all enjoy them as they grew and blossomed in January. BUT….just like life… they haven’t turned out according to my expectations! Instead of being green and tall about ready to burst out in color and fragrance, 3 of mine have no sign of life! The other 2 have green shoots peeking above their brown jackets, but they have been that way for 3 weeks…no sign of steady  growth and certainly no flowers, not even close! Bummer, ‘I’ve done this before why are these not working this time’?

One of the girls at work mentioned her bulbs were a little better as she added a few grains of Miracle Grow to the water and they seemed to do better. AHHHH yes….Miracle Grow, a water soluble fertilizer found at many grocery stores as well as hardware stores across America! So I added a little to my bulbs and amazingly they shot up overnight at least  1/2 inch! So here’s my question I’m pondering… and I’m asking you to reflect too….

  • Who in my life can I be ‘Miracle Grow’ to? In other words what do I have to give to others to help them grow, flourish, ‘bloom where they are planted’?
  • And who has been Miracle Grow to me in my past and I haven’t yet thanked them for ‘pouring into me’ with their life?

Blessings on your day, Susan

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