One Month Ago…..

One month ago it was January 1st.

Many of us make NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS believing the New Year offers a fresh start on the unfulfilled areas of our life from 2015! How about you and your New Years Resolutions? How about if we CHANGE something right now….and call them mini-goals?

Change is not an easy thing! Especially when it comes to habits or hang ups we have practiced for years. And if you resemble me, one little failure can set me back to square one.  I have found if I break apart a desired change into smaller pieces and focus on one piece at a time, I can SLOWLY help change happen. I ask for help from God too, as some days it seems impossible to even change…. my socks!

What changes have you made and what has helped you along the way? I’d love to hear from you.  BTW… this is my second blog. If you are just getting started with my musings check out my posting from last week on or previous posts here with WordPress. Blessings, Susan


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