So Here I Sit…

So here I sit…I have wanted to start a BlogSpot for several months, but I have had no idea where to start or what to say!  Has that ever happened to you?  Getting started can be the toughest piece of the adventure! The name of my business is…startstrong-finishwell,llc and here I am unsure where to start! It’s ironic.

Yet I imagine many of us who are ready to start something are unsure where to start! That’s the advantage of a coach. We are trained to ask compelling questions to help our clients find their next step. It can be the start of new chapter of life, a new exercise plan, develop a new skill, change careers/jobs, start investing our one and only life to help others, whatever! Starting is key!

Staying the course and then finishing are also VERY IMPORTANT…but more about that in a later blog.  There…I started…and you can too.  If you have a story about ‘starting’, please share it in the COMMENTS tab at the end of this writing and THANK YOU in advance!

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